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The Specialty Coffee Association of America
This site is a goldmine of information and resources.

The Devil's Cup
Coffee history and culture wrapped up in a physical and historical roadtrip, from Ethiopia to Seattle.

Micheal Griffin's site. "Coffee Research details several aspects of coffee, espresso, agriculture, and coffee sciences." Mike likes to consider his site the single best site for detailed explanations about coffee preparation, espresso preparation and cupping.

Best Investments Coffee Newsletter.
More coffee info than you can shake a stick at.

Ristretto has an interesting coffee timeline.

CoffeeContact.com -
Green coffee and tea trading and information platform. This business-to-business e-commerce Web site offers a complete community for industry professionals to conduct all commercial business activities in a secure and efficient marketplace.

Manufacturers of plantation machinery. These pages may offer some insight into how coffee is processed on a large scale.

Steaming Bean Coffee Company
This site has some well written descriptions of common coffee terms, and a coffee news section with links to coffee current events.

Coffee and Caffiene FAQ
THE Coffee and Caffiene FAQ

Thanksgiving Coffee

This page within Thanksgiving Coffee Company's site will take you to information on coffee growing regions, processing, and images of the people.

"iCoffee is dedicated to serving the needs of the global coffee industry, from growers to roasters to retailers. The real-time news and price gathering of Dow Jones Newswires have been harnessed to the statistical vaults of the International Coffee Organization in a unique public/private cooperative venture that will benefit traders and researchers alike. iCoffee is a new service that we expect to develop into a world center for the exchange of coffee information. "

The Coffee Experts
"The Coffee Expert's of Victoria B.C. are six men and women dedicated to the promotion of coffee in all its forms and the perfection of the processes of roasting, storage, grinding and brewing of this popular beverage. Our group consists of serious coffee gourmets and roasting professionals who make it their business to separate the fact from the fiction when it comes to good coffee."

Mostly Italian Coffee
A Swedish site about Italian coffee.

Ivo van der Putten
Detailed information on the business of coffee

The University of California Sustainable Agriculture and Education Program

The Department of Agriculture/ Malaysia
A Botanical description of a coffee plant. Also cloning , harvesting, storage...

The Holland Coffee Group
Goto the coffee globe from the "beans" link for lots of statistics and info on various regions. The group is dedicated to serving the growing needs of the Specialty Coffee Industry with offices in Amsterdam, New York and San Francisco.

Freshroast Systems
Go to the "roastmasters corner", also read about roast grade descriptions and charactistics of their beans.

Christopher Schaefer, aka The Great Gonzo
A Personal Homepage for Christopher Schaefer, aka The Great Gonzo.Home coffee roasting information and insight.

Coast 100% Kona Coffee
Do you have a question or comment about coffee farming, processing, roasting, blending, -- or anything coffee-related? Maybe a favorite recipe? Join the discussion on the Coast Coffee Forum, our own area for talk about coffee. Roger Coggburn is a coffee farmer and processor and, as the head of Coast 100% Kona Coffee, a wholesaler and distributor as well. His farming methods are organic, and he sun-dries the coffee beans, a practice which illustrates his handcrafted approach to the art and science of coffee farming. (plus a slide show of images.)

Uncommon Grounds
There is a good Q & A section here. Click on "About Coffee"

Sustainable Harvest- Organic Coffees
Sustainable Harvest Coffee Co. is a San Francisco-area green coffee importer and a leading supplier of certified shade-grown, certified-organic and sustainable coffees to the U.S. market.

Equal Exchange
Equal Exchange was founded in 1986 to create a new approach to trade, one that includes informed consumers, honest and fair trade relationships and cooperative principles. As a worker-owned co-op, we have accomplished this by offering consumers fairly traded gourmet coffee direct from small-scale farmers in Latin America and Africa.

The Songbird Foundation
It is the Songbird Foundation's hope that by enlisting the support of musical artists and their audiences that we may more quickly create a dialogue on these important issues, and begin to create demand in the market place for sustainable products such as shade grown and organic coffee.

A Brazilian site in Spanish and English, this is a coffee industry site describing methods and factors in Brazilian coffee production. AVI and MOV format videos can be downloaded which show ecological production processes.

This French site is/has a search engine, just type "cafe" for links to French (Canadian) and French (France) coffee links.

In English or Spanish CONICAFE is an Organization, which facilitates and coordinates the Nicaraguan Government Policies on the Coffee Sector, within the producing, milling, exporting and roasting process of the CAFE DE NICARAGUA.

Conservation International
Go to 'Site Search' and search 'coffee' for an article relating to coffee and ecology.

Marc Claes Coffee Page

Images of professional roasting equipment, and a long list of links.

Royal Coffee
This is a large importer of green coffee. Take a look at the "Spot Sheet" as an example of the varieties of coffee available in the world. Also the essays on coffee and growing regions are great.

Kaffe - En Studie I Svart - Huvudsidan

This appears to be a fairly heavy duty analysis of coffee. Swedish
Regniga dagar i november kan vara skadliga för hälsan, något som två oskyldiga teknister fick erfara efter en dylik dag 1993 då de ifrågasatte vad de egentligen sörplade i sig flera gånger per dag. Denna enkla fråga resulterade i denna otroliga vetenskapliga rapport som rönt stort intresse världen över.

Wired Java Fanatic
A wonderful site full of coffee info

Gard Foods
This is Gard Foods new address. It's is a terrific source of information about coffee in general. They do have ten pound quantities of coffee to be had, but it is intended for the professional coffee roaster. Go for the info.

Stephen's Coffee Home Page
My site is devoted to the art of roasting, brewing, and drinking espresso. I have links to various espresso resources on the web, including La Pavoni and retail espresso company links. Constanze Coffee, CO. - Burlingame CA

Sally's Place

Some interesting coffee related articles.

National Geographic

(www.nationalgeographic.com/coffee) This is a beautifully designed site. Within the articles there are very useful links to maps and statistics from past issue of National Geographic.

Coffee TV

(www.coffeetv.com) This wins the prize for the coolest site ever. "Zap across different channels to discover the hidden worlds of coffee." (do it with the fastest computer you can find)

Java Link

One heckuva long list of links. Among others are many sources for locating cafes in your area.

Welcome to Coffee Coffee! We are proud to be your source for everything coffee. For coffee knowledge, visit the Coffee Library.


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Coffee Contact
The Web's Independent Forum for Coffee Issues. Coffee Contact is a forum for issues concerning coffee production, growers' cooperatives, roaster marketing, and coffee certification: organic, fair trade, and shade-grown coffee.

Coffee Science Source
The Coffee Science Source (CSS) was created by the National Coffee Association to gather and disseminate the most up-to-date information on coffee, caffeine and health in the United States. The CSS is designed to assist print, radio and television media professionals in the development of stories about coffee, caffeine and health. This information is collected from scientific journals, industry, reports and other reputable sources.

National Coffee Association
Coffee information for the public, coffee industry, and association members. Great coffee updates and top stories.

The International Coffee Organization

Specialty Coffee Association of Europe

"The trading, roasting, brewing, serving and enjoying of fine coffees has long traditions and strong roots in Europe. On this background it is with the greatest pleasure we these days are witnessing an even further expantion of our favourite beverage: The perfect cup of coffee."

Organischen Landbau
The Insitute for Organic Agriculture, University Bonn, Germany

Norwegian Coffee Association
In Norwegian. Hvordan lage en god kopp kaffe...

Trade shows, on-line cybershow, training seminars. This site can be a good source for locating the manufacturers of items, but be aware that this site is focused on wholesale markets rather than retail. It looks like this site may be fairly new, as some catagories have few entries.

The Pacific Coffee Association
Since 1932, the Pacific Coast Coffee Association (P.C.C.A.) has strived to encourage growth and prosperity in the coffee business. As we enter our 68th year as a business trade association, we continue to celebrate and support all businesses and entities operating in the coffee industry.

Green Coffee Association
"To maintain just and equitable principles and establish uniformity of commercial usage among its members; to provide and regulate a suitable room or rooms for the uses of the Association; to acquire, preserve and distribute valuable business information; and to adjust controversies and misunderstandings between its members; to correct abuses and generally promote, increase and benefit the coffee business."

The Kona Coffee Council
The Kona Coffee Council is a volunteer, non-profit community-based organization of coffee farmers, processors and others involved in the coffee industry. It began in 1985 with the mission to promote, protect and educate about 100% Kona Coffee.

TransFair USA

TransFair USA is a non-profit monitoring organization which certifies that participating traders are following fair trade guidelines. Fair Traders return up to 40 percent of the retail price of an item to the producer. They work with producer co-operatives that use democratic principles to ensure that working conditions are safe and dignified, and that producers have a say in how their products are created and sold. Co-operatives are encouraged to provide benefits such as health care, child care and access to loans. They encourage producers to reinvest their profits into their communities.

Coffee Kids
"Coffee Kids is an international non-profit organization established to improve the quality of life for children and families who live in coffee-growing communities around the world."


(maybe not strictly home roasting, but fun and useful) (Click here to go to the top)

Coffee Culture Magazine
" The only publication covering the coffee and tea industry in Canada"

Epicure Exchange
"Coffee, Tea, and Community"

Coffee & Cuisine Magazine
Coffee & Cuisine is dedicated to the natural synergy of the coffee, food and beverage industry. Each month contains up to date information on all aspects of building and running a successful business.

Coffee Talk, Coffee and Cuisines's Online Magazine
Coffee & Cuisine magazine is an international trade publication serving the specialty coffee, food and beverage industry.

Fresh Cup Magazine
The Voice of the Specialty Coffee & Beverage Industry

Lucid Cafe Online Magazine
Featuring About Coffee, a comprehensive overview of coffee culture by Kenneth Davids; Professional Espresso, hosted by espresso pro David Schomer; and The BUZZ Shot, coffee humor by cartoonist Brian Williamson.

Virtual Coffee Newsletter, Bellisimo's Newsletter
Virtual Coffee is the on-line magazine coffee consumers turn to for the latest definitive information about specialty coffee. Every issue contains columns by the industry's foremost experts, up-to-date news on industry events, trends, products and people, insightful features on the world of coffee, photos, links, reviews, tips and much more!

Bellissimo Coffee Info Group
This is probably the best single site for coffee information. Bellissimo has developed Coffee Universe as a service for the specialty coffee industry and coffee lovers worldwide. Our mission is to boldly go where no other coffee Web site has gone before. This "out-of-this-world" Web site contains information about every aspect of coffee, and our intent is to elevate appreciation and awareness of quality coffee globally.

Belliissimo's more commercial site. A good source for books and tapes.

Specialty Coffee Retailer Magazine
Specialty Coffee Retailer provides timely, relevant and useful information about the profitable operation of a coffeehouse, coffee bar, or coffee cart. Specialty Coffee Retailer is the business monthly for the specialty coffee industry.

The Tea and Coffee Trade Journal
Tea and Coffee is an international trade magazine that covers trends and current issues.

Cafe magazine
The history of coffee and romance of the cafe. Caf Magazine is updated irregularly. If you would like to be on our mailing list, please send us a note giving your name and address (both postal and e-mail).

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