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The Coffee Project
A variety of green beans from around the world. Samplers, bulk orders. Home coffee roasters, beans and supplies since 1997.

Dona Mireya, Inc.

Finca Dos Marias' high quality, estate grown Guatemalan coffee, by the pound, direct from the growers! click the link for more info about FREE beans with your first order.

Home Roast Coffee, LLC
Green Coffee Beans, Home Coffee Roasters and Grinders all carefully selected. Easy to understand coffee Information, Roasting directions, and Free downloads on our "Learn" pages. Try Home Roast Coffee for family owned service and value.

Roast A Bean
All Roast A Bean unroasted green coffee is 100% arabica coffee beans from the finest coffee growing regions in the world. From South America to Africa, Indonesia and Asia, our buyers travel and search the world over for the highest quality green coffee beans for you to roast. Mix and match your own personal blends to customize your coffee to your desired taste.

U-Roast-Em, Inc.
We also sell home roasters, grinders, bags, coffee bean flavorings and a book. We have a page with blending information at: www.u-roast-em.com/blending.html and numerous articles published on ineedcoffee.com.

Birds & Beans
Through Birds and Beans, Inc. Canadians who care about their world can purchase coffee beans that leave a better taste in your mouth - in more ways than one. Our coffee beans grow in traditional, low-density coffee plantations, on small trees in the shade canopy of larger trees in the rainforest.

Koa Coffee Plantation
Aloha, We are Koa Coffee Plantation, a coffee farm in Kona, Hawaii. We offer 1, 5, 10, and 100 lb bags of Estate 100% Green Kona coffee.

Honduras Coffee Company
Owner Dale Firebaugh says "The Honduras Coffee Company grows, exports, imports and roasts the finest shade grown estate coffee from the Comayagua Mountain Region of Honduras." Look in the 'Coffee store' for green beans by the pound.

Burman Coffee Traders
Burman Coffee Traders is founded on three core values: Treating our customers as family, offering the best coffees we can find, and being a good world citizen. Our goal is to enhance your home roasting experience with excellent support and customer service.

High Country Coffee
We offer our customers exceptionally fresh and high-value coffees directly from the growers and directly to the home roaster. Our genesis comes from our experience in working with New Guinea Traders, first in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, then later in Central America, primarily El Salvador.

Coffee Storehouse
Coffee Storehouse offers Specialty Green Coffee Beans from The World Over, including decaf, and organic. We also offer home coffee roasting machines and grinders.

Better Beans.Com
Green beans source on the 'net.

Cafe Americanos
Albuquerque NM. Green coffee from Costa Rica. 10 pound minimum quantity.

The Home Roaster
This site has an attachment for popcorn poppers, plus green beans.

Santa Leticia / El Salvador
"Wanna roast your own for your shop or home? Send me an e-mail! We can sell you our green coffee...straight from the farm!" This site has a nice combination of photos and text describing the region.

Gard Foods
This is Gard Foods new address. It's a terrific source of information about coffee in general. They do have ten pound minimum quantities of coffee to be had, but it is intended for the professional coffee roaster. Go for the info.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Coffees of Hawaii
"We've been inundated with requests for green beans from folks who love to roast they're own coffee. After working out the packaging and shipping details, we're delighted to offer our premium coffee in green bean form. We chose a mix of medium size beans (16 & 17) which should work well in any type of home or commercial equipment."

All 4 Coffee
Green coffee

Green coffee

Estate Coffee.net

Green beans availabe, five pound minimum.

Kona Coffee


Coffee Bean Corral
Leading the Home Roasting Renaissance on the Internet since 1996 - offering a variety of roasters and a large selection of green beans - all at great prices.


The Coffee Critic
Green coffee by the pound, various gift baskets, home roast starter kits.

McClure Farms
"Here, in the Kona District of Hawaii (the Big Island), farmers have been growing the world's premier coffee for more than 160 years. The rich volcanic soil of the slopes of Mauna Loa, and the afternoon clouds that naturally shade the coffee trees, combine with the ample rainfall to provide the perfect growing conditions for coffee of unequalled aroma and taste."

First Line Equipment
Green beans and roasters

Great Coffee
They offer a full line of coffee roasters and green coffees.

Kauai Coffee
Green beans by the pound. "Kauai Coffee Company is Hawaii's largest coffee grower, with about 3,400 acres under cultivation on our estate near Koloa, on the southwest side of the Garden Island of Kauai. Near here, over 150 years ago, Hawaii's first commercial coffee plantation was planted. There is an interesting photographic tour here of coffee production."

Sweet Maria's
Sweet Maria's would like to be your information source and green coffee supplier for your home coffee roasting adventures. Home roasting is easy! It only takes 5 to 15 minutes and your reward is the freshest coffee around. It requires no fancy equipment and green coffee from Sweet Maria's is half the price of roasted coffee from a retailer. We have a huge selection of coffees, each carefully cupped and rated for quality.

An online bean and roaster site for the home roaster in Western Canada.

Green Bean Roastery
Green coffee beans and information for the homeroaster. Unroasted coffee beans from coffee growing regions of the world. We concentrate on the green beans and leave the cups, saucers and coffee pots to others.

Kona Coffee Council
This link has useful information about 100% Kona coffee. There is also a picture of the official seal.

Coffee Farms, Plantations, & Importers

(Technically these entries ARE a source of green beans, but you must be prepaired to buy quantities of 100 to135 pounds minimum. These links would be best used as research on the beans you are buying from a retailer.)

Ka Hua O'Kona Estate
Some basic info on the farm, and two days in the life of a coffee bean.

Yemen Mocha


Mountain Valley Estate, Hawaii
Some info on the farm, and a fun photo tour.

Santo Domingo Coffee

"Coffee from The Dominican Republic is great for roasting dark, developing a sweet, hard-candy taste without the bitterness of many dark-roast coffees." Timothy James Castle, The Perfect Cup, 1991.

Cafe Campesino
Wholesale green beans

Kaanapali Coffee
(www.kaanapalicoffee.com) Under Construction. Check back later.

La Torcaza/ Panama
This site features an interesting chart of the stages of coffee growth.

Kona Coffee
Yes, we have large quantities of green bean Kona Coffee, and our farmer is willing to commit more!! 100 pound bag minimum

Specialty Coffee.com
Intersting maps, photos, and text about coffee plantations: Duran Estate, Mapanga Estate, and Sigri Coffee.

Specially Different Coffee
"Specially Different in all it's endevors seeks to present the finest gourmet coffee that is grown in a ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable manner. We care about people and our environment. We are benefit driven. Benfits to the people of growing areas and their local ecology as well as the planet as a whole; and benefits of enjoyment to the individuals and companies who are the consumers of our products. We believe this is the only sustainable approach to business. "


"If you want to know about Kona coffee and our prudent tropical farming methods, certainly sustainable, as many of our trees are over 100 years old and still producing vigorous beautiful beans. We are the farmers of our coffee and farming is our whole life. No subsidies, no pesticides, just hard work and Kona as good as Kona can be."

Cafe Americo
wholesale green coffee from Puerto Rico
"CAFE AMERICO's unsurpassed quality is the result of the tradition of our mill "El Carbonal" offering the world the best coffee since the middle of the nineteenth century, combined with the modern facilities provided by Cafe Fino for the storage, roasting, and packing of CAFE AMERICO. " Go to the 'coffee regions' area for lots of info and a map."

Selva Negra Estate
Matagalpa, Nicaraugua. The "Virtual Tour" page didn't come up, but judging by the rest of the site, it could be an interesting look into what a coffee farm is.

Bayview Farms, Hawaii
Lots of nice photos here on the 'Farm Tour'
"...It all began with Grandpa, Dale, Young, Andy Roy and his wife, Roz. It was in 1984 when they found one of the most pristine locations hidden amongst a thick jungle of native plants and wild overgrown coffee trees on the Big Island of Hawaii."

Yauco Selecto /Puerto Rico
This site has a neat photo slideshow of the plantation

Coast 100% Kona Coffee
"Do you have a question or comment about coffee farming, processing, roasting, blending, -- or anything coffee-related? Maybe a favorite recipe? Join the discussion on the Coast Coffee Forum, our own area for talk about coffee." (plus a slide show of images.)
The Coast Crew and Family (9 slides)
The Coast Farm (11 slides)
Sugai Roastery (6 slides)
Greenwell Farm and Mill (6 slides)

Yunnan Coffee
Coffee grown in the Yunnan province of China

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