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Advertising Criteria:

Types of advertising:
  1. Links (FREE, within criteria)
  2. Graphic/"Image Ad" at your link
  3. Rotating line of text at top
  4. Box advertisement

To be listed as a free link your site must have value to the home coffee roaster. Your site must contain at least one of the following:

  1. Home coffee roasting equipment,
  2. Access to green beans,
  3. Information that is:
    a) unique to home coffee roasting
    b) valuable as insight into home coffee roasting, or
    c) valuable as insight into coffee culture

The focus is not about espresso machines, syrups, filters, food, roasted coffee, cups, etc. However, if a site meets the basic criteria as well as containing these things, that's fine.

A basic link has either explanatory text from your site, or a simple statement of what the site is. If you want to suggest your own text, please send it to

Links are listed randomly within headings unless there is a graphic with it. ( one of the little image ads.) Having a graphic brings a link to the top of the list and are then added chronologically. Newer links with graphics follow the older links with graphics. To maintain your position in the list, or possibly move up the list toward #1, just keep renewing your graphic.

To add a graphic to your listing, create a 150 x 50 pixel image at no more than 14k. A graphic at your link is $12/month on a quarterly basis. Twelve months are only $120.

To have a special announcement line of text in the uppermost header, (that's the one above that keeps changing) create a line containing no more than 65 characters, including spaces. The intention of the rotating line of text is for specials, announcements, promotions and so on. It is open to any and all advertisers who wish to use it, including: espresso machines, syrups, filters, etc... A special announcement line of text is $15/week, and will click-through to your site.

For a Box ad, (the big ones on the right) be aware that there are only 12 spaces. Once gone, they're gone until someone gives up the space. There are three ads each on each page: Home, Equipment, Beans, or Info. Box ads are $80/month ( or $800/year) and are open to all advertisers. Prepare your GIF, JPG, or pict file to a 100 x 100 pixel format at no more than 24K, please.

Ad Options
Image/Box Ad Placement
Text for rotating (max.65 char.) or image ads...
URLs for linking
Email your 150 x 50, or 100x 100 images us

Lead Time: When placing an ad, consider the time it will take to process the order and upload the files.

With graphics, text, and/or links on hand, and payment processed, please allow up to 48 hours from the next business morning to see your ad in place. For ads already running, there is no leadtime for renewal. To set any of this up, just send some mail to introduce your self or or your company.

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