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You have found it, a collection of links for the home coffee roasting enthusiast. It's great!

This is a links site, a source for home coffee roasters to find:

  • Equipment
  • Tips
  • Supplies and suppliers
  • Pertinent information
  • Plus fun related stuff!

There are links to commercial sites, non-commercial sites, information, organizations, and sites by individuals who just love coffee. The search is over.

Or maybe its finally beginning...

The basic criteria is that a site must contain content valuable to a home coffee roaster. This site is meant to be a hub of links and information from basic home roasting information to some of the best coffee information sites on the web.

Trying to find this information by regular search engines was mind boggling and time consuming!

When most of us first hear about home coffee roasting, it's a pretty exciting idea. But we don't know how to start, where to get green beans, or for that matter where coffee comes from! By using this site you'll become knowledgable about coffee plantations and their geography, cultural coffee traditions, even how to offer a cup in Hawaiian. You'll learn about processing coffee, roast grades, and even decafeination.

If some of it seems over your head right now, don't worry. Everybody involved WANTS you to have great coffee. Send email, ask questions. The coffee roasting community is probably the friendliest bunch you'll ever meet.

This research is divided into the following catagories, just click on the tabs to the right:

  • HOME: News, recent additions, and this explanation of the site. Just continue scrolling down on this page.

  • EQUIPMENT: Ways to roast beans. Some are higher tech. some lower tech. Notice that different companies sometimes offer the same equipment, So shop around!

  • BEANS: This section includes sources of green beans available by way of the internet, usually sold by the pound. Sites which are mainly informational in value but specifically about beans are mixed in here as well. Toward the end of the list are links to coffee plantations and brokers. Many farms can sell direct only if you are willing to buy 100 or so pounds at a time. However, these sites are perfect for getting information about varietals, growing conditions, and researching the people and environments that produce your favorite bean. Never again will you have to ask, "But where do I get beans?"

  • INFORMATION This is a big section that includes these topics:

    • Hard facts about the financial and political world of coffee,
    • Botanical, chemical and medical information,
    • The global coffee community: from professional organizations to cyber cafes
    • Topical information such as shade grown issues and social efforts
    • Sites of pure coffee information and opinion
    • Coffee newsgroups, seminars, and tradeshows
    • Individuals' sites and homepages of people who just love coffee
    • Magazines for professionals, and magazines for the masses.
    • Links to links
    • Plus fun stuff; Things that were just too good to leave out.


Please notice the advertisers on this site. THEY want you to have great coffee!

Please send input, suggestions, and inquiries to info@homeroast.com


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